Planfix and Ringostat integration

Automate your calls in your control system.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Automatic call recording in any system created based on Planfix. A manager does not need to be distracted after each call to record the customer number in the system and create a task for the call.
  • 2
    Understanding which employee is communicating with a particular customer and how. This will bring order to the handling of leads and hedge against the influence of human error.
  • 3
    Knowing whether a particular ad is bringing in sales. Information about which campaign each customer called from will be sent from Ringostat to Planfix.

Planfix and Ringostat integration allows to:

Optimize and streamline contact handling

Planfix is a company management center from which a business can build whatever system it needs. Allows you to collaborate on tasks, set and execute tasks, manage projects, etc. By integrating with Ringostat in Planfix, contacts are created after incoming and outgoing calls. The call is recorded in the contact card or the last active task with an indication of which manager took or made the call. This allows you to clearly understand which manager is working with specific customers and is responsible for closing the deal.

Keeping track of how managers work with potential customers

After each call, the system is pulled into the audio recording of the call, which can be listened to. This way a manager can easily notice if an employee is rude or unprofessional when communicating with customers. If the manager missed the call, the contact card will create a missed call. This allows you to immediately see that the client did not get through, for example, if the manager was away from the office for some time. And return the potential customer in time before he leaves for a competitor.

Analyze how advertising is converted into closing deals

Due to the integration with CRM, UTM tags can be sent to the client card. This allows you to understand from which source, channel, campaign and keyword the customer called. Tags can be sent to any field in the system that you need. This allows you to see which ads are most likely to make a purchase, and which campaigns only bring spam. And which campaigns bring only spam, or bring users who consult but do not buy. This will help you allocate your marketing budget wisely.

How Planfix and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Your call analytics are displayed in Planfix.

How to set up integration

  • To set up the integration, you need "Administrator" level accesses in Planfix.
  • Our tech support will set up the Ringostat and Creatio bundle for you. To do this, let us know what is listed below.
  • Which employees are involved in the integration?
  • Should the call be attached to a contact or to the last active task?
  • Do I create a contact if a new customer calls?
  • If UTM tags need to be transmitted, in which fields should they be transmitted?

  • Any questions?

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