SalesDrive and Ringostat integration

Automate a sales department of the online store.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Automatic transfer of data on calls to SalesDrive. CRM stores call history for all deals.
  • 2
    Sales department control and service quality improvement. The system records information about calls that accepted and missed a sales rep.
  • 3
    Understanding of the ad that drove the lead. Data on the source, channel, campaign, and the keyword are located in the SalesDrive call database and transferred to requests.

SalesDrive and Ringostat integration allows to:

Optimize the workflow of sales reps.

SalesDrive is the CRM for online stores and goods sales. Due to the integration with Ringostat, the call is immediately transferred to the responsible employee. The sales rep can also make calls from the CRM in one click. At the moment of the inbound call, the employee sees a pop-up call card. Thus, he can fill it out during a conversation, create a request, and contact, see all requests of a contact, leave a comment. If it's a junk call, the employee can simply leave a comment and not create a contact.

Increase the effectiveness of the sales department.

Control the work of sales reps in real-time. For each order and contact, CRM displays the history of inbound and outbound calls. You can listen to audio recordings of conversations with customers directly in the CRM from the request or contact card. A summary of the work of each sales rep is displayed in reports on calls. See the number of requests by users, days, times of the day.

Control the sales funnel from the ad to the revenue.

SalesDrive displays the sales funnel. Due to the integration, it considers calls with sources that drove leads. Analyze how customers move from advertisement to payment. The integration will allow you to approach end-to-end analytics and consolidate all data: costs from advertising accounts — the number of calls and requests — the number of closed deals — the amount of revenue.

How SalesDrive and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Automatically send calls data from Ringostat

Your calls analytics is shown in SalesDrive

How to set up integration

  • Go to your SalesDrive account and open Settings — General settings and integrations — Telephony.
  • Find Ringostat on the list.
  • Copy URL and remove the type parameter with the value from the link.
  • Go to the Ringostat account, Integrations section — SalesDrive.
  • Paste the URL to the field, click on the "Enable", and save settings.

Any questions?

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