Salesforce and Ringostat integration

Upgrade the sales department work due to routine actions optimization.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Calls data is automatically transferred to CRM. Сontacts, deal, and tasks are created in the system after the call.
  • 2
    Service level increases due to sales department control. Listen to calls recordings attached to deals.
  • 3
    Advertising sources that lead to the website visit and calls are displayed in CRM.

Salesforce and Ringostat integration allows to:

Automate the sales department work

Salesforce is one of the CRM market leaders. CRM users will be able to streamline requests processing due to the integration with Ringostat. Furthermore, call data is automatically transferred to the system. Different tasks, deals, and contacts are created based on the “smart” integration logic.

Increase the sales reps level of professionalism

Ringostat record calls and automatically attach them to deals. Listening to the recordings shows constant mistakes in sales reps work as well as reasons for the loss and win. Discussing them, you will increase your employees' qualifications. Sales reps won’t forget about missed calls. Right after the missed call the task “Call the client back” with a deadline is created.

Receive data on advertising sources that lead to sales

Data on call sources that led to closed deals will complement the analytics for the marketing department. Understanding where the customers that have made a purchase coming from, you can wisely allocate the promotion budget. It is also possible to opt-out of the advertising that doesn’t bring sales and waste the money.

How Salesforce and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Automatically send calls data from Ringostat

Your calls analytics is shown in Salesforce

How to set up integration

  • Appeal to tech support and our specialists will help you to customize Ringostat and Salesforce integration.

Any questions?

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