Call Center

Use advanced features to make your work with calls more efficient

Call Queuing

Make sure that customers can reach you even during peak hours. Customize your call queue schemes, and set the rules for calls.

what is it?

What is Call Queuing?

This is a functionality that allows you to keep customers on the line when all employees are busy. You can set rules by which such calls will be distributed among employees. The customer can listen to music or useful messages while on hold.

How does Call Queuing help your business?

Reducing the number of missed calls
The customer doesn't hear short beeps but gets into a queue and can wait for a response.
Even load distribution
There are 5 scenarios to choose from, according to which calls from the queue will be delivered to the employees.
Customer retention without annoyance
Audio will tell the place in the queue and approximate answer time, thanking the client for waiting.
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How it works?

How does Call Queuing actually work?

The functionality is activated when a client calls, but all managers are busy. The call goes to the queue and will be processed according to the logic you set. For example, Ringostat can call all sales reps in a circle until it gets to a free one. Or the call will be directed to the employee who received the least number of calls. It is also possible to randomize the order of distribution or transfer the call to the first available manager, or the one who has not answered the phone for the longest time.

Parallel Calls

Put your current conversation on hold and immediately start a separate call with a third party.

what is it?

What are Parallel Calls?

Ringostat allows you to be on the line with several people at the same time. For example, if you need to pause a customer call and call back a supplier or courier company to clarify details. You can also switch between dialogs with interlocutors with a single click.

How do Parallel Calls help your business?

Time saving
You don't have to hang up the phone to call someone else and then dial the customer again.
The ability to resolve issues quickly
You can clarify important points while the buyer is waiting and close the deal faster.
Customer retention
You don't run the risk of not being able to reach the buyer later, as you would if the call was completed.
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How it works?

How do Parallel Calls actually work?

Tap the pause icon in the app while talking to a customer. The call will be put on hold and the client will wait while listening to pleasant music. After that, you can dial any other number in the app and chat with another interlocutor. You can switch between calls and hold up to 5 incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously.

Direct Transfer

Just transfer the call to another employee. It doesn't matter if it's a web phone or mobile.

what is it?

What is Direct Transfer?

Ringostat call app allows you to easily transfer calls to colleagues. All you need to do is select who you want to transfer the call to and press the corresponding button. Direct call transfer is useful when you just need to transfer a call without checking additional nuances with other employees.

How does Direct Transfer help your business?

Saving working time
You don't need to keep your colleagues' internal numbers handy. Two clicks are all it takes to make a transfer.
Improving customer experience
The buyer hears no extraneous sounds and the connection is as fast as possible.
Guarantee of response to the client
An employee can see if the right colleague is online. This way the customer won't wait on line for nothing.
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How it works?

How does Direct Transfer actually work?

Tap the handset icon with an arrow during a call in the Ringostat app. This opens an interface with two tabs – “Employees” and “Departments”. Select who you need, either manually or using the search bar. By default, only online employees will be shown. You can also see everyone by unchecking the appropriate checkbox. Tap the three dots next to a colleague's name or department name and select “Transfer call”.

Warm Transfer

First, contact the employee and then transfer the call. At this time, the client will listen to pleasant music.

what is it?

What is Warm Transfer?

An employee does not immediately transfer the call to a colleague or department on a warm transfer, but can talk to them first. This will be useful if other employees need to be alerted to the details of the deal before connecting with the customer.

How does Warm Transfer help your business?

Increasing customer loyalty
The client is connected to an employee who is already aware of their needs and can help immediately
Higher speed of issue resolution
The employee doesn't have to hang up, call coworkers, and then the customer again
Improving the image of the company
The customer hears music while waiting, not rustles, muffled conversations, etc.
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How it works?

How does Warm Transfer actually work?

Tap the handset icon with an arrow while communicating with a customer in the Ringostat app. This will open an interface where you can select colleagues or departments. By default, only online workers are shown, but you can view the full list by unchecking the appropriate box. Click the three buttons and “Call” next to the desired colleague or department and talk to them while the client is waiting. Click the transfer call button at the top of the interface after the conversation. This will redirect the customer's call to the colleague or department you just spoke to.


Assign everyone on the team a personalized three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial.

what is it?

What are Extensions?

This is a functionality that allows you to contact a specific employee rather than an entire department. Extension numbers can be placed, for example, on business cards or informed to customers during communication. The client only needs to enter this number in IVR to contact the desired employee.

How do Extensions help your business?

Simplifying connection with a client
The client can contact “his/her” sales rep directly.
Increased security
You are spared the risks when a customer doesn't have an employee's personal number.
Ability to contact top managers
Their extension numbers can be communicated to key customers and partners.
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How it works?

How do Extensions actually work?

A voice menu (IVR) must be set up to use extensions. When the customer calls, they will hear an audio recording prompting them to select the desired department. The IVR will also prompt the client to enter an extension number. The customer will enter a three-digit number and will be taken straight to the desired employee.

Ring Groups

Route calls not to a direct person but to a team. The first available employee will pick up the phone and be ready to talk to a customer.

what is it?

What are Ring Groups?

Groups allow you to combine the accounts of colleagues from a particular department. This allows you to transfer a call not to one person, but to an entire department. For example, technical support, logistics, accounting, etc. As a result, the customer will be answered by those who can solve his or her request.

How do Ring Groups help your business?

Saving the customer's time
The call is transferred with a couple of clicks. The customer does not have to wait and listen to extraneous sounds.
Increased response rate
The call goes out to the entire department at the same time, and available colleagues can answer quickly.
Reducing the number of missed calls
After all, you are transferring the call to the group, not to an employee who may be busy.
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How it works?

How do Ring Groups actually work?

You need to add employees in your project settings to use groups. Then you can create departments and add the created employees to them. This allows you to transfer calls to an entire department when using the Ringostat app. To do this, click on the handset icon with an arrow during a call and select the desired group. The call will be transferred to all colleagues in that department and the first available employee will answer the customer.

Call Commenting

Connect employees from all offices, cities and countries to a single phone network for comfortable communication with customers and among each other.

what is it?

What is Call Commenting?

This is a Ringostat feature that allows you to leave a note for each call. For example, if you need to record some agreements, or specifics of the transaction, or warn your manager or colleagues who will analyze the call.

How does Call Commenting help your business?

Simplify communication among the team
You can share information on calls without distracting colleagues.
Facilitate department control
The supervisor can notice from the comment calls what to pay attention to.
Improving the quality of service
The comment allows important nuances to be addressed before the next call to the customer.
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How it works?

How does Call Commenting  actually work?

Open any Ringostat report and click on the date and time of the call to open the call card. Find the “Comments and Categories” block and type in a comment. If the report is configured to show the “Call Comment/Category” column, a yellow replica icon will be shown for calls with comments. It will be gray for calls without comments.

Call Tagging

Tag calls to know how many calls were about sales, support, spam, etc. Provide this data to marketing to perform better.

what is it?

What is Call Tagging?

Tagging is the ability to assign a certain category to a call. For example, "order", "return", "wholesale", or product names. Through tagging you can assess what issues your company is most often called about. This way you can draw conclusions about which products are more in demand and whether advertising brings orders or only spam.

How does Call Tagging help your business?

Understanding the effectiveness of ads
Find out if people call from campaigns to buy a product or consult.
Ability to understand your customers
Tagging will show you what questions your audience is most likely to be interested in.
Saving working time
Employees do not have to manually write down the essence of all requests.
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How it works?

How does Call Tagging actually work?

First, you need to set up call categories in your Ringostat personal cabinet. You can also use the universal categories available by default. The sales rep will be able to tag each call after answering the call. There are two ways to do this in Ringostat. The first way is manual tagging. After a call, you need to go to the call card by clicking on its date and time. Next, you have to select the category of the call from a drop-down list. The second method is semi-automatic. When the call ends, the employee will hear an audio message to press the number corresponding to the category of the call.

Calls Segmentation

Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your categories and tag them manually or semi-automatically.

what is it?

What is Calls Segmentation?

Segmentation is the ability to divide calls into different categories. This way you can understand what each call was about and which ones were really useful for your business. Segmentation makes Ringostat data even more informative.

How does Calls Segmentation help your business?

Understanding the value of calls
Find out which calls are targeted, which led to a sale, etc.
Simplification of control
Segmentation will show you which calls to focus on analyzing first.
Knowing what is in greater demand
Simply note which product category the customer called about, and then analyze.
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How it works?

How does Calls Segmentation actually work?

Ringostat segments calls in several ways. First, it automatically identifies target calls — that is, calls that lasted long enough. Consequently, they were from an interested audience. The duration of a target call is customized for each business. Secondly, Ringostat allows you to categorize calls. By default, there are basic categories in your personal cabinet, but you can replace them with your own. For example, categories can be types of goods. Each category can be assigned a value. The manager only needs to mark the desired category after the call.