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Call Statistics

Use default Ringostat reports or create custom ones based on more than 30 parameters. Track metrics that are relevant to your business.

what is it?

What is Call Statistics?

Ringostat has dozens of reports for different purposes and different employees. There are reports by traffic source, for supervisor, sales reps efficiency, target calls, etc. You can use out-of-the-box reports or create your own, based on the many available parameters. For example, you can create a report on all incoming calls that lasted longer than 5 minutes from visitors to a specific page of your website.

How does Call Statistics help your business?

Only the data you need
Choose reports for the marketer, supervisor, etc. We've taken into account what everyone needs.
Tailored to your business
Customize reports to fit your company's objectives using dozens of parameters.
Data security
Choose your own level of access to information and reports for each employee.
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How it works?

How does Call Statistics actually work?

Data starts to be collected in reports automatically after you connect Ringostat. On the left side of your personal cabinet, you can select which reports from which sections you are interested in. For example, in the Call Center section, you can select a filter (all calls, targeted, callback) and type (traffic sources, audience, behavior). Filters and views can be created by selecting which parameters out of 30+ will be displayed. Reports can be uploaded in multiple formats and shared. You can also request Ringostat specialists to create a visualization in Google Data Studio.

Call Center Analytics

Keep track of all your call center metrics — such as wait time, missed call rate, and call volume — in one place.

what is it?

What is Call Center Analytics?

Ringostat's call center analytics includes dozens of metrics and separate reports specifically for tracking agent performance. We've carefully considered what data should be at your fingertips to make it easy to monitor your department — no matter how many people it consists of.

How does Call Center Analytics help your business?

Team control
Ringostat collects all data on operator activity in easy-to-understand reports.
Improving the quality of work
Listen to call recordings, analyze operator performance report, etc.
Understanding the workload
Know who is on the line all the time and who is offline or rarely picks up the phone.
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How it works?

How does Call Center Analytics actually work?

Various Ringostat metrics and reports will be useful for call center analytics. For example, you can focus on how long the customer waited for an answer, how many calls the operator missed, how many customers he called, etc. Audio recordings of calls will help to assess whether the operator is qualitatively consulting customers. There is also a report for the supervisor, which contains the most important data for the manager. There is a sample of the efficiency of each employee and a report on calls in real time. You can also see how much time the operator was online, and offline and how much time he/she talked to customers.

Supervisor’s Reporting

Use Ringostat supervisor’s reporting to control all calls and efficiently track ways to increase productivity and fix mistakes.

what is it?

What is Supervisor’s Reporting?

The Supervisor's Report is one of the Ringostat samples, which can be found in your personal account by default. The report includes all key indicators that will help you quickly assess the team's productivity and notice weaknesses in its work.

How does Supervisor’s Reporting help your business?

Ability to focus on what's essential
The report contains only the data that the manager needs.
Pointing out mistakes
For example, if employees miss calls, hang up first, etc.
Improving the service quality
The supervisor sees what to pay attention to and how to improve call handling.
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How it works?

How does Supervisor’s Reporting actually work?

To view the supervisor's report, go to the Call Center — Call Log section and select the “For Supervisor” view. A report with a visualization of call data will open, and below it, you can see a table with calls. It contains all calls in chronological order with additional information: date and time of the call, employee's name, duration of the conversation, audio recording of the dialogue, etc.

Sales Agent Effectiveness

Promptly get the information on the calls that a sales rep processed and missed and how successful the conversations were. This way, you will always know the results of a team.

what is it?

What is Sales Agent Effectiveness Report?

The Sales Agent Effectiveness Report shows how productive each team member was. It can be used to draw conclusions about the efficiency and involvement of all employees and to adjust the work of the department.

How does Sales Agent Effectiveness Report help your business?

Understanding productivity
Find out who is holding up call handling and who is avoiding it.
Load planning
Take into account how much time is usually spent on customer communication.
Ability to spot anomalies
For example, if someone was taking calls when they should have been calling customers themselves.
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How it works?

How does Sales Agent Effectiveness Report actually work?

The report on sales agent efficiency is located in the Analytics section. It contains information about all incoming and outgoing calls of each employee. It also contains data about the average and total duration of calls for the selected period. In addition, the report shows how quickly an employee picks up the phone, how many calls to individual customers he/she made or received. And how many dialogs there were that lasted longer than 30 seconds.

Calls Distribution

Discover the time when your sales department is the most loaded and optimize your sales reps' schedule.

what is it?

What is Calls Distribution?

You can see in Ringostat how calls are distributed by different days of the week and hours. You can see not only all calls, but also certain types of calls. For example, to understand when advertising calls are most common. This report will help you to be on top of your game at times when you're usually getting the most calls.

How does Calls Distribution help your business?

Understanding peak hours and days
Know what times to expect an influx of calls and when there is a lull.
Processing of all applications
You won't miss calls by bringing in more operators during peak hours and days.
Insights for display ads
Know when to raise or lower bids if you manage them manually.
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How it works?

How does Calls Distribution actually work?

There is a report on the distribution of calls by day of the week and time of day in Ringostat. It can be found in the Analytics section. The report shows how many calls there are during certain hours and days. The times when there are most of them are highlighted in a rich green color. The paler the shade of the cell — the fewer calls there were on a particular day and hour. The data is also visualized with the help of graphs. You can select any time for the report. You can also filter the type of calls you are interested in targeted calls, incoming calls, calls from advertising, calls via callback, etc.

Missed and Unprocessed Calls

Take advantage of this comfy tool to quickly identify missed calls that have not yet been processed and fix that situation.

what is it?

What is Missed and Unprocessed Calls report?

The Missed Unprocessed Calls report contains only those calls for which managers did not call customers back. Meanwhile, the Missed Calls report shows all missed calls in general.

How does Missed and Unprocessed Calls report help your business?

You don't miss out on clients
If you call a customer back in time, they won't have time to leave for your competitor.
Understanding who to call back
You only see calls that still need to be handled.
Improved quality of service
By returning calls quickly, you show customers that their calls are important to you.
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How it works?

How does Missed and Unprocessed Calls report actually work?

The report can be found in the Call Center section of the Ringostat personal account. Additional information is shown for each missed unprocessed call: date, status, number of attempts to contact the client, how many total missed calls from the client, etc. If you refresh the report page after an employee has called the client back, the processed call will be removed from the report. You can also check the "Handled" column yourself if you have already called back a specific call.

Custom Filters

Customize reports as you want. Fast filters will help you to create the most suitable reporting.

what is it?

What are Custom Filters?

Custom filters can be found in most Ringostat reports. They allow you to sort call data quickly. For example, to see only calls handled by a particular employee. Or see only those calls where the customer waited on the line longer than 10 seconds.

How do Custom Filters help your business?

Convenient analytics
Analyze only the information you need without distractions from the rest.
Time saving
Custom filters are intuitive and can be activated with a couple of clicks.
Flexible customization
You can use filters in every column and get a unique report.
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How it works?

How do Custom Filters actually work?

Almost every column of Ringostat reports has three horizontal bars at the top. Clicking on them activates quick filters. Depending on the indicator, the data can be filtered by conditions: contains, is, more than..., etc. Below you can enter the desired word or value. This allows you to segment the data exactly the way you want. For example, you can filter out only calls from employee N that lasted 3-5 minutes and came from a specific contextual advertising campaign. Or you can filter out only incoming calls from residents of certain regions by specifying the code of local phone numbers.

Custom Reporting

Create reports for your business needs. Make import in a convenient format or easily share data with your colleagues by simply copying the link.

what is it?

What is Custom Reporting?

Ringostat has not only dozens of ready-made reports but also the ability to create your own. A sample can be compiled based on 50 parameters while changing the arrangement of columns. Created reports can be shared with other users.

How does Custom Reporting help your business?

Build the report like a constructor
Use only the data that is useful to you for sampling.
Full control
You can create reports even for specific team tasks.
Makes it easy to work with data
The report is created in 10 minutes and once saved, you can use it all the time.
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How it works?

How does Custom Reporting actually work?

You will get to the basic report if you go to the call log. You can also select ready-made filters and views at the top of it, but you can also create your own. To do this, click "All calls" — "Create filter". Then select the indicator you want, the comparison operator, and enter a value. You can use several rules. For example, this is how you can create a selection of all outgoing calls from a certain employee, where the customer did not pick up the phone. You can also create a view by specifying what data will be displayed and in what sequence. The created and saved report can be uploaded later or a link to it can be shared.

Report downloading

Download reports in a format that is convenient for you. For example, to calculate KPI in Google Sheets or to create a custom monthly report.

what is it?

What is Report downloading?

Ringostat can export any report from our platform — both the default and the one you have customized. This allows you to perform additional actions with call data.

How does Report downloading help your business?

Share data
Simply upload the report and share with colleagues or partners.
More possibilities
For example, you can apply formulas to data in Google Spreadsheets.
Different formats
Upload data with one click in three popular formats.
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How it works?

How does Report downloading actually work?

Go to your personal Ringostat account and open any report. There is an "Export" button at the top of the report, to the right of the field for searching by number. Click on it and Ringostat will offer you a choice of download format — .csv, .xls, or .xlsx. After selecting the format, the report will start downloading. After that, you can open the sample in any program you need.