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CRM Integrations

Easily set up integration with worldwide most popular CRMs. Please contact us if you didn’t find your CRM or you have a custom solution.

what is it?

What are CRM integrations?

Integration allows you to combine your CRM with Ringostat products. Thanks to this, all calls are recorded in the CRM system in the deal or communication history with a specific customer. Contacts, tasks, and deals are also automatically created. This allows you to optimize the work of your sales department and save the entire history of communication with customers.

How do CRM integrations help your business?

Process Automation
Sales reps don't have to spend time manually logging calls and contacts.
Ensuring control
You can assess how employees are communicating with customers, whether they are missing calls, etc.
Understand the impact of ads on revenue
Find out which ads are more likely to lead to calls and then sales.
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How it works?

How do CRM integrations actually work?

Ringostat has dozens of ready-made integrations. Once connected, the bundle will start working according to the basic logic. If you wish, you can change it with a couple of clicks in your personal cabinet. Upon a call from a new client, a contact, a task, and a deal are created. Upon an existing one will be created only the task. You can set the rules by which the platform will determine in which funnel to create entities. A call from a current customer will be immediately directed to the sales rep responsible for his deal. In case of a missed call, a "Call Back" task with a deadline will be automatically set. All calls are recorded in CRM with audio recordings, which will help to evaluate the quality of call handling. If call tracking is enabled, the source, channel, campaign, and keyword that led to the lead will also be transferred to the CRM system.

One-Click Set Up

Just in one click, without the participation of programmers, change any settings to fit your current business processes.

what is it?

What is One-Click Set Up?

One-click Set Up allows you to change the integration logic of Ringostat and CRM almost instantly. You don't need technical knowledge or a programmer to do this. Simply select which events should or should not occur in your CRM during or after a call.

How does One-Click Set Up help your business?

Saving time for customization
Everything can be modified on your own in minutes without involving developers.
Easy scaling of business processes
The integration workflow can be changed to fit your processes at any time.
Understandable without training or special skills
It is enough to be guided by tooltips and articles from the knowledge base.
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How it works?

How does One-Click Set Up actually work?

Go to the "Integrations" section, select CRM integration, and click "Customize". Here you can set the way your system and Ringostat will work together. For example, you can change the logic of integration by checking or unchecking the events that should occur in CRM during or after a call. You can also choose which data from Ringostat will be transferred to which fields of the CRM system. Or you can set the rules by which leads will be created in specific funnels after the call. Changes made will take effect immediately after saving.


Use API to set the integration with any other system you need.

what is it?

What is API?

API is a program interface that allows different programs to communicate with each other. It is a set of rules and agreements. API can be used to transfer call data from Ringostat, for example, to CRM systems, web analytics services, etc.

How does API help your business?

Flexible integrations
Customize integrations with multiple systems without being limited to off-the-shelf bundles.
Increasing business efficiency
With APIs, you can automate processes that were previously inaccessible.
Communication check
API allows checking the availability and activity of SIP accounts in the project.
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How it works?

How does API actually work?

The functionality is configured in the Ringostat personal cabinet in the “Settings” — “Integrations” section. The customisation details for different methods in the Ringostat knowledge base are described separately. For example, you can transfer more than 30 parameters on calls to another system. Or just automatically export it to a Google spreadsheet. Or initiate a call between two destinations, or check the availability of a SIP account.


Use webhooks for the more complicated or custom task you need to solve.

what is it?

What are Webhooks?

Webhook is a mechanism for notifying external systems about events occurring in Ringostat at a specific moment. It is an automatically generated HTTP request sent to a specified URL. Webhooks can be helpful, for example, for customising integrations with a company's self-written CRM system.

How do Webhook help your business?

Process Automation
Webhooks can trigger events before or after a call in other systems.
Smart forwarding
Ringostat knows where to send the call depending on the actions of the website visitor.
Speeding up work
Data is sent immediately after an event rather than, for example, once a day.
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How it works?

How do Webhooks actually work?

Go to your Ringostat personal cabinet, section "Integrations" — "Webhook". Here, you can add and customise unique events that will be notified to other systems. For example, it could be incoming and outgoing calls, sending a form from the site, opening or closing a dialogue in the Ringostat application, etc. To make a webhook work, you must fill in all the fields when setting it up: name, direction, method and format of sending data, date format and types of parameters. Webhooks are very flexible, and there are filters for them. For example, you can send events only for incoming calls to the right employees or departments. Or you can send events only for certain call statuses or duration.